16 August 2011


The day before yesterday I reached down to grab my roomie's study bible and completely destroyed the uneasy truce I had with the pinched nerves in my neck. Zowie! I had electric shocks go all the way down one side of my body and instant muscle spasms. She and I were the only ones that knew that had happened.

Yesterday I got a call from Sue, the secretary at my church, and she told me that someone had made an anonymous gift to me and that I would love it. I had been talking myself out of going downtown to run errands but found the idea of someone giving me an anonymous gift way too intriguing. I went down and presented my perplexed and anticipatory self to Sue. Sue had a big grin on her face and handed me a bag which contained a Kindle. I was dumbstruck.

I have been contemplating getting a Kindle since they first came out. I kept telling myself to set aside some funds to make the purchase. My funds, like those of most in this economy, seem to be shrinking daily. Each time I had the money I couldn't justify spending it on something frivolous. Especially with all the doctor's bills I have and more coming down the pike. I am not complaining about them, just saying I have specialist schedule and know that even with insurance, I am going to be spending more money as we try to figure out why I am exhausted and having so much trouble. Determining what's wrong with me is a priority. I need to return to some sort of life. I am desperate to be a contributing part of the fellowship of Christ.

My reasons for wanting an e-reader had nothing to do with being a techno-craving consumer. Long before the gravitational assault I had at home that finished off my neck and back, even before I was rear ended by the young woman who was texting instead of driving, I lost 38.75% of the use of my hands by ignoring the carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms I had for years. Holding anything in my hands for more than a few seconds is chancy; I drop, spill and break things all the time. Holding anything requiring me to use thumb pressure to keep it in place is agonizing. Books generally require exactly the sort of handling finesse that causes me pain. I am an avid reader. I also avoid pain at all cost. You can see now why I thought having an e-reader of some sort would be advantageous for my reading abilities, right? Between the bi-lateral carpal tunnel, 3 bulging disks, bone spurs and arthritis in my neck all causing pain and numbness in my hands and arms, my reading appetite has plummeted. I have missed it.

So there I am standing in church with what had to be a stupid look on my face, staring at a smiling Sue. "I am dazzled, Sue. I don't know what to say." Sue laughed at me. My pastor, Bill, came into the office wondering what was going on. Being the godly man he is he first told me that he had given the gift to me. "I gave it to you! What is it?" I pulled the Kindle box out of the bag. "It's nicer than mine, I meant to say it was mine!" I looked at Sue and said, "Look at him, he's trying to steal the blessing of the folks that gave this to me and my blessing! Tell my anonymous benefactor(s) that this (my pastor's reaction) is almost as precious as receiving the Kindle!" Seriously though, my pastor was as excited for me as he could be and helped me set it up and gave me the list of must haves and freebies he recommends.

My BFF/roomie asked me when I came home what it was that I had received. I told her it was a Kindle and she smiled. Now, I wouldn't put it past her to buy me something as extravagant but I doubt she would do it anonymously. She said, "Heck no, I would want all the credit." Besides, she is purchasing a home and will need to furnish it. She's counting every penny these days. Her response upon seeing what it was I had been given? "It would seem our God has written your name correctly in the palm of His hand"

I am still blown away. I find it extremely endearing that someone thought of me in a kind way. Add their being so generous to that and you have to add completely amazed to my reaction. I hope that he/she/they are receiving in blessings in triplicate for their part in this. I am very grateful to him/her/them.


Hobster said...

Typically, I consider ereaders as a sign of the demise of civilization and an attack on the sacred nature of books (not claiming to be entirely rational, while doing so, mind you). But I gotta say, this is cool. :)

rosemarie said...
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rosemarie said...

Whew! I was so afraid you would disown me! I thought of you last night while I was using it. My eyes were tired so I increased the font size. Come to the dark side my brother... come to dark side!