16 September 2011

Me and Huey Lewis

Turns out Huey Lewis and I have more in common than I do with Venus Williams. I do not have Sjogren's Syndrome. it seems part of what my body wants is a new drug. I have been taking the old anti-inflammatory drug since 1990, 3 times a day, almost every day. Is it any wonder my body has had enough of it? Wednesday was rough as a Brillo pad on sunburned skin. I had to stop taking one drug to start taking another. I wasn't in withdrawals but I was cranky with pain. Yesterday I thought the new drug was going to be a failed experiment, but perhaps I needed to give it a week or two to introduce it to my body. I had a headache (no caffeine) I was dizzy (new drug) and woke up in pain (no taking old drug before bed).

Sometime in the late evening my sister called and we discussed all things sisters discuss. I told her I had reservations about the way the new drug made me feel but had to admit that in the evening the dizziness had warn off and my body hurt less to move. Not so much my neck and back with the bulging discs and pinched nerves, but the hands, knees and feet where the osteoarthritis has taken up residency. I was impressed.

I was more favorably impressed today when I got up that I had 1) managed to get 4 hours uninterrupted sleep 2) did not awake with the beginnings of headache, let alone a migraine and 3) had managed to do not one but two loads of laundry, prepare my food for the day and terrorize my online theology buddies all before 9 am. Ahhh! Who would have thought this upside down hippie from the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60s/70s would have arthritis drugs as their drug of choice? If I can string a few days like this one together I will take over the world, well, maybe just my house but even that is a drastic improvement.

In other news, At the insistence of a friend I watched Rango last night. I was fascinated by the animation, the allusions to many of my favorite movies and reads and that I sorta liked it. It's pretty typical for kid flicks to have stuff to keep adults amused, but I have to wonder how many folks caught the Hunter S Thompson meets Hitchcock meets Coen Brothers meets spaghetti westerns combo that made up the film. Anyone? Or was it just me and my new drugs?

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