27 October 2011

Storm Warnings

The wind has kicked up. Whatever storm is coming will not just pass over and die down. No, it seems intent on blowing my house down and leaving me completely naked and exposed. Whatever this is that I am sensing, it's not my definition of good. God doesn't really give a rip how I define things though. God is on His throne and does as He pleases.

Is it a coincidence that this morning my attention has been drawn to two specific items available on the Internet? Since God's sovereignty eradicates things like probability, chance, luck and thereby obliterates coincidence I would have to say "no" but then my question was rhetorical. What are the items? The first one is here and it focuses on "taking your soul to task" which, I don't mind telling you I need to do. That said I am compelled to be honest enough to tell you I have no real intention of actually doing so. The other is found here and features Nancy Leigh DeMoss discussing Psalm 46 . I may actually sit down and read the Psalm myself a few times today- if only in the vain hope of assuaging my guilt glands.

Of course there is always the possibility that God will miraculously and instantaneously change my heart and attitude causing me to spring from the rubble that is my life, arising with with joy and shouts of hallelujah. I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Not that I don't believe in miracles, I just don't hold out for instantaneous relief from anything. Seems to me that the chaos I call my own has never been instantly anything. I keep waiting for the "And suddenly" moments to happen and am routinely disappointed. The book of Rosemarie is full of "And eventually" summations or worse yet "And for a little while" moments. "And eventually Rosemarie quit kicking at the goads." Or, "And for a little while Rosemarie learned to keep her mouth shut."

For the nonce I am taking a nap and letting the winds howl.

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