04 October 2011

Taller Rants

Listen, I am going to stand up tall and stick my neck out here and more than likely folks are going to pick up whatever ax they are grinding to take a swing at me. It's OK. I am not that fragile. In fact, I swing a pretty mean ax myself. Just fair warning that when I sit up tall I am going to rant. Here I go.

Despite being a bible believing Christian, I am not a homophobe and you cannot make me one just because you label me so for adamantly disagreeing that homosexuality should be considered normal and accepted. No more than you can make me attend Pat Robertson's church or become a card carrying member of the hateful group of folks at Westboro Baptist. Seriously, I would sooner attend a gay pride parade in the middle of the Castro. I would know what to expect there and wouldn't be disappointed. There's nothing worse than expecting folks who profess to know and preach the Gospel acting like they've never read it. Especially when to believe it is to live it.

Last night I watched Dancing with the Stars. The judges, who normally show no reticence at all to criticize ad infinitum the efforts of the amateur dancers, couldn't find a criticism for Chaz Bono. Why? Because everyone is afraid to say something negative to a person identified with the LGBT camp. Saying something the least bit negative is, apparently, akin to using the dreaded "n" word. Furthermore, can I just say that the agenda set by this group is ridiculous and illogical. Don't believe me? Then why on earth has this been declared LGBT history month? Tell me the logic in a group of people telling me that it's none of my business who they have sex with making a spectacle of their sexuality by demanding a month be set aside to recognize achievement based on what criteria? Their sexual preferences of course. Come on folks, this is just one more example of a small group of people with money and an agenda asserting themselves for uber rights and no one seems to notice. It is wrong.

You might be asking what precipitated this rant of mine. I guess it was started by all the brouhaha about Chaz Bono being on DWTS and how that made me crazy. Crazy because it furthered an illogical agenda that I think is wrong, yes, but mostly I wanted to shout at the folks making all the noise about it, "Watching TV is a voluntary act. If you are disappointed in the cast they have assembled, turn off the TV!!" Honestly, can't folks think anymore? Are we so rights crazed that we think we have the right to be entertained by what is on the television? Seriously? If you don't like what is on, turn off the channel. If you feel compelled, write the station and respectfully tell them why. But come on, death threats? Really?

I have always enjoyed ballroom dancing and will watch the old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies whenever they are on and I have the time. I wasn't sure I would enjoy this season of DWTS and was prepared to give up watching the program. I will straight up tell you I detest having the homosexual agenda force fed to me. Frankly, I am glad I turned on my TV to watch. I have been inspired by J R Martinez, truly inspired. How can I feel sorry for myself with a little arthritis and stuff when this young man has given so much in service to his country and can be so positive? It blesses me to watch him dance. Carson Kressly flat cracks me up and is as entertaining as he could be. Now, to the real burr under my saddle. Chaz? Chaz Bono can't dance. SAY IT. Say it aloud and with confidence. Shout it from the mountain tops. Here, I will help. Chaz Bono cannot dance!!!

Look, I am not offended that Carson is gay or that Chaz is now considered a man. I don't think they are less valuable human beings. I don't hate them and you can't make me. I think they are lost and acting like the godless folks they are. I can show you more godless heterosexuals than I can godless homosexuals. Lots more. However, I am outraged that the homosexual community wants to be treated as a protected class- rights I am not afforded as a celibate woman. I am offended at the comparison between homosexuality and slavery. Homosexuality is a voluntary behavior. Even if you are born with homosexual preferences you do not have to act upon them. Slavery was not voluntary. I have to say that that the only comparison I see is the fall out if you are white or straight and say something in disagreement with a homosexual or person of color. You can't make me a racist because I disagree with something you say or do either. I digress and that is a rant for a different post. Here's my real deal.

I am sick to death of the plea for tolerance when that's not what is being asked for at all. Special treatment is not tolerance. Deriding me for my dissenting opinion is not tolerance either, so quit pretending you want what you aren't willing to give in return.

Please hear me when I tell you that I do care about how you are treated, whoever you are. Homosexual, heterosexual, black, white, green with purple polka dots, I expect you to be treated as someone who bears the image of God- whether you like Him or not. Whether you agree with me about His sovereignty or not. Whether I agree with you or not. I honestly care about the disposition of your immortal soul. I am not perfect, but I am perfectly willing to disagree with you respectfully and to voice my opinions respectfully. Am I wrong to expect you to do the same?

P. S.

And while I am at it, I finally have something I can agree with President Obama about. He was right when he said it was shameful of the Republican candidates to remain quiet when folks booed the soldier during the recent debates. Again, I am irritated when I hear the constant declarations of "I am gay and..." but for the candidates to remain silent when a soldier was booed was unconscionable IMO. I was hoping one of the candidates would have the class to say so.

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