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Tis the Season to OWS- WTF?

I was driving home from church today and my mind began to formulate a blog article. I was listening to the news, percolating on the sermon I had heard, thinking about my friend's challenge to me to build some discipline and they all got jumbled up in my pointy little head. So I thought about Christmas instead.

I feel strongly both ways about Christmas. I love decorating the house, singing carols and in general all the warm fuzzies the holidays can bring. I hate the pressure to buy. I hate that I am separated from my kids, I hate that I have no one to celebrate the season with. Mostly I hate that Christians ought to celebrate Christmas and Easter every day and we don't. Many of us put more effort into Black Friday sales events than we do with the Advent. We read or listen to or watch the news nearly every day and we have plenty of opinions about what we see, read or hear. We all feign shock when the stores put out the Christmas decor in September but why? We say we are to live our lives for Christ 24/ 7 but we don't celebrate each day like it's Christmas. Our Messiah has come, He has conquered death and He has imputed his righteousness to us. That's something to celebrate with every breath we take. Don't you think?

What's OWS-WTF got to do with any of that? I am taking liberties here to get your attention and I bet it worked. OWS: Occupy Worship Services. If there is anything I wish folks would do during this holiday season it's OWS. I am sometimes not able to make it to church and am often content to OMR (Occupy My Recliner) on a Sunday morning. I avoid the hustle and bustle of the season. It tugs at my heart that I don't have my kids near or my grandson to spoil rotten. It's easier to cancel Christmas than to face it alone. Yet the point of the season is to remember Christ. Not with my credit card or shiny ornaments, but with my worship.

WTF? Where to Fellowship. Unfortunately not everyone can attend my wonderful church. I love my pastors, elders, deacons, brothers and sisters. I hope you have a place to go and fellowship with other believers. I hope you are a believer. Maybe you just want to go check out what Jesus is all about but you don't know where to go. Try to find a church that holds to either the London Baptist Confession of 1698 or the Westminster Confession of Faith. Call and ask questions of the pastor. Be selective and start with the conservative. Find a church that holds to the inerrancy of Scripture and the deity of Christ. Ask them if they agree with the 5 Solas. Pick up your bible and read about the birth of our Savior. Find someone who knows Him and ask them were to begin your research. Kick Santa to the curb and find out about Christ.


Victoria said…
Got my attention, girlfriend! In fact I can't tell you how my ears burned and my eyes bugged out as I tried vainly to imagine you saying or even thinking my worst case spin on those initials! :-) Big sigh of relief here-and bar of soap put away for some youngin' that really needs it.
rosemarie said…
Victoria, Sadly I must confess that I am more than capable of giving those unsanctified thoughts wings and letting them fly from my lips. I wanted to get the attention of some young people.... and old people (like me) with vocabularies full of offensive words. I hope I can be forgiven for being so shameless.
Victoria said…
lol-From one shameless old gal to another-you can. I know it isn't funny-but I have a habit of laughing at the profane:and those words which were a big part of my vocabulary in my youth-have to be fought against violently in mind and mouth in my "golden" years.

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