16 January 2012

Occupy Hypocrisy

I have absolutely no use for the Occupy Wall Street movement and those who are involved with it. None. Zero. They claim to be "The 99%" and I must ask of what? Did villages all over the globe lose their idiots? Really, just what group to do they purport to be a majority representation of? Perhaps that's the real question, because I do not want them to think for even a fraction of a second that they represent me. The kindest thing I can think of to say of these people is that they are booger picking morons. After reading this article in the New York Post I think I am being generous. Squatting in the home of a single father who is trying to work within the confines of law in order to keep his home? Really?

You may want to chastise me and tell me that they are simply misguided. Have at it. That may have been true at the beginning of this "movement" but any lemming with a brain and an ounce of integrity has packed up and, if they are smart, will hang their head in shame for having been there in the first place. To those who recognize their folly I say buck up! There's hope for being young and stupid or ignorant and misguided. It's called growing up and thinking critically. We all have done some silly things and most of us recover to become productive human beings. Think first. It takes some getting used to but it's worth the trouble.

To the BPM's still trying to make someone believe they stand for something noble I say get your sorry hypocritical butts off the sidewalks and out of other people's homes. Do you even recognize how incredibly stupid you are to attempt to profit or capitalize on the misfortunes of a man negotiating to avoid foreclosure while denouncing major corporations who are profiting from the misfortunes of others? Again. Really? Are you just that full of yourselves that you cannot see that you represent a real threat to our society? There is nothing so dangerous as a herd of stupid people who think they have a mission. Get a grip, get a job but mostly get out of the man's house. Someone ought to throw your sorry derrieres into a cage and let you occupy that.

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