21 July 2012

Now Here's a Blog Worth Following (Hint: It's Not Mine)

This morning I was watching Good Morning America, which is my habit each morning since terrorists targeted the World Trade Center. It's a habit I can't seem to break and one that makes me crazy because of what passes for journalism these days. Today I got up and walked away from the TV and took my coffee with me, a sure sign I had no intention of actually watching the program. The folks at ABC decided to make an entertainment event on the tragedy in Colorado again. They ask the stupidest questions of people. "What were you thinking when you saw the gunman?" "What did your hero say to you as he was leading you out of the theater?" "What were you thinking when you used your body tho shield you daughter?" It makes me want to scream and throw things and rather than risk the loss of my television, I left and went to my office.

I was surfing Face Book and grumbling to myself when one of my friends posted an article with an eye catching title. "So you STILL think God is a merciful God?!" I read it and am I glad I did. Here is something worth sharing. Here is where faith meets an unthinkable event. Here is where I find inspiration and encouragement. Here is where I am reminded that every single person in who was in that theater and who responded to the shooting has had their life changed. Their very core has been altered and the ripples will effect every person in their lives. The theater workers who thought having enough popcorn ready to sell was their greatest challenge, the public safety personnel, the medical personnel, even the journalists whose work I have come to deplore. All of them and those who love them have had their reality permanently tweaked. They may not even realize it yet. They might not know for years. How do I know? I have been down that road.

It is amazing how quickly empathy can change your mind about events, the value of life and people you've never met. Just to make certain my heart isn't hardened and my reality isn't unaffected, I find this gem on Face Book and am reminded to pray for the folks who were there. I am reminded that people went to their judgement and I haven't a clue if the One who judges us all granted them pardon or gave them justice. It happened in an instant. It happened when they least expected it. It happened as the Sovereign God of the Universe ordained it. As the author said it best, "God is always good. Man is not. Don't get the two confused."

I should put more effort into praying and less effort into the easier task of disliking journalism.

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