03 July 2012

Peaks, Valleys, Dots.

The trouble with the high and low moments in your life are the impression they leave on those around you. People are afflicted with a strange idea of relationship.  We are like magnets that are only attracted to peaks and valleys. We gather for crises, we gather for celebration. We hold hands in anticipation of a life coming into the word and we hold hands and pray as someone we love is taking their last breath.  The best and the worst. That's when people show up with inadequate expressions of sentiments they may or may not truly have... but they fit the occasion. They are the expected thing to hear or say even when there really isn't a place to park your honest emotions. It's an incomplete picture. We play connect the dots between birthdays, weddings, funerals, accidents, great new jobs and wonderful vacations. We decide for ourselves what order the dots should be in and what picture they will make. We're wrong most of the time. People are more than their extremes.

Odd thoughts I know, even for me.  It all begs the question though, if there is no one to celebrate your highs or lows, if there's no one to connect your dots even if they do it incorrectly... do you exist?

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