20 February 2013

Tripe, Sweetbreads, Tomato Soup

It is starting to be one of those days. I decided I wanted some mango with breakfast. All four of the mangoes I purchased were beautiful on the outside and brown on the inside. Next I thought a mushroom and spinach omelet would be nice and it probably would be if I had remembered to purchase mushrooms or spinach. They were on the list that I left on the island in my kitchen when I went to the store.  I never used to need lists so it's no wonder I forgot it. I am having to teach myself to write them. We'll work on taking them with me next.  I do have an app for that and it works great if I remember to use it. Maybe I just need a good cup of coffee?

I have a K-cup holder next to my Kreurig, it's pretty handy when you remember to fill it. I went to the pantry,  opened a new box of K-cups and promptly returned it to the cupboard only I'd really opened the fridge and stood there for a moment thinking, "What's wrong with this picture?" I did a fairly good job of covering by grabbing the cream while was in there.  It actually took me a second to figure out what possible reason I could come up with for opening the fridge instead of the pantry.  Maybe it was because I was distracted by the sounds of Mali Meep Cat hacking up a hair ball for me. What a delightful kitty she can be.

As I stood at the kitchen sink washing my hands thoughts of the new Dunkin' Donuts that's gone in downtown entered my head. Oh sure, they probably don't have any gluten and calorie free donuts but at this point, who cares?  It's only been a few days since I announced to you seven readers that I need to lose weight and am desperate to find a way to get healthy. I have been doing some preliminary research on what foods my body can tolerate. The pseudo-scientist in me is fascinated. The fat 55 year old is discouraged.

I tried a few days of the slow carb diet a friend suggested. I thought it was going to be great. My gastrointestinal tract is a mess but it loves the type of fiber in legumes; my pancreas has other ideas. While most folks see a nice stable blood sugar result from eating beans and lentils my blood sugar has spiked huge each time I eat them. On the other hand my blood sugar stays really low when I eat a tiny bit of protein with lots of leafy greens and fresh veggies but my guts wage war on me.  It's like making a political decision for my body, which is the lesser of the two evils?

Going paleo seems to be a compromise worth trying.  Meanwhile I will continue to prick my finger on the spindle of life as a diabetic and experiment with what foods work for me. It will probably be something like tripe and sweetbreads or tomato soup which is probably more disgusting than the aforementioned items.

The good news is I am still working at it.

Proverbs 16:3  Commit to the LORD whatever you do,  and he will establish your plans.

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