05 August 2015

Thinking Things Through

There are a lot of things I am trying to work out.  Writing is my therapy. Grab a cup of coffee and sit in on my therapy session if you'd like. Or don't. Either is OK by me.

Lots of horrible stuff about Planned Parenthood happening in the news. I have always thought that Planned Parenthood was a horrible place and if you cared enough to ask me why, I'd tell you in a  heartbeat. I have always been anti-abortion, even in my most liberal years and trust me, I was a liberal's liberal --except when it came to abortion.  This sums up my argument against abortion.

I don't understand why people don't talk more about the obvious problem we  have in our society and the underlying premise on which pro-choice folks build their argument and organize their lives.  Want.  We have elevated what we want to a godlike status.  Abortion is the termination of an unwanted life.  Drill down past the inane argument about whether or not a fetus is human and you're left with this: It is if I want it and if I don't want it is not.  The holocaust and every genocide that has occurred or ever will occur has its beginnings in want.

Another issue in the news that's giving me trouble is the officer in Kentucky that put handcuffs on children with "special needs."  The ACLU is involved and where they go, lawsuits are inevitable.   I don't get the fuss.  Anyone who has worked with children, special needs or not, knows that they are capable of inflicting injury on adults, other children and themselves.  Come on, people. If the officer had flex-tied a child to a light standard and left him or her out there on his own, by all means call out the ACLU.  A child hitting and kicking needs to be restrained and putting some handcuffs on their biceps isn't cruel and unusual punishment.   The child in the video knew what he'd done to cause him to be restrained and what he needed to do in order to have the restraints come off.  Having been described as having ADHD doesn't mean you have a free pass to injure folks or be disruptive. Mom, Dad, get a grip.  By the way. I actually know someone whose child was flex-tied to a light standard and left to sit in his wheelchair.  In this case, the person had a traumatic brain injury and was simply annoying to people. You see, he didn't have a motorized wheelchair and it took him a while to get through intersections on his own. That was a violation of civil rights, the temporary restraint of a child acting out is not.

Know what else is bugging the snot out of me?   Kermit and Miss Piggy announcing their break-up. Of all the lame publicity stunts...  because what we need are more characters kids love to be nasty to one another in a break-up. What in the world are they thinking?  Never mind, I know. They want the Muppets to emulate real life.  Gag me.

Look, I have read the back of The Book.  I know that things are going to get worse and not better. I also know we believers have been charged with being salt and light as it happens.  Machen said, "The Church is perishing today through the lack of thinking, not through an excess of it." - Christianity and Culture. We are being pounded with the world's propaganda in more ways than we could have imagined but none of them are a surprise to God. That's where I find my comfort.

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